Our Chrysler 300C Stretch Limo is nearly here

The Chrysler 300c Stretch Limo is officially complete and is about to undergo itsĀ  journey to Australia and Perth. We have added some photos of the interior so you can finally see what it looks like on the inside. We are very pleased with the final product as it looks absolutely amazing.

The entire fabrication process of chopping up the Chrysler 300C sedan in half and stretching it out to form the limousine took 3 months. We went with a few major custom features on top of a standard Chrysler 300C limo which have turned out successfully:

Stretch Limo 5th Door

We added a 5th door access to the limousine to make entry into the limousine a whole lot easier. From our research and previous experiences, clients have suggested that the entry to the limo could be made easier, particularly for the bride and her bridal party. So we added a second entry and exit point for a much quicker and more comfortable access.

Drivesoft Entertainment Control System

We have added a Touch Screen entertainment control panel in the Chrysler 300C with user interfaces that are consistent and easy to use. The Drivesoft system allows you to upload your own music as well as music videos into the computer based system. You also get your standard controls such as lighting and air conditioning giving you a very personal experience when travelling with us.

We are very pleased with the final product and we hope to share this amazing vehicle with you on your special occasion!

Here are some progress photo our our Chrysler Limo:

Chrysler 300c limo Perth, build stage

Front of the Chrysler Limo (the cockpit):

Chrysler 300c limo Perth, build stage, interior

Limo's interior with lighting.

Chrysler 300c limo Perth, build stage, the bar

Bar lights inside the limo

Take care from the people at NB Luxury Limousines.

Chrysler 300c Limo
300c Stretch Limousine