Our 300c stretch limo in build stage

Ladies and gentlemen, the Chrysler has finally arrived onto Perth shores and is ready to go!! Next step will be to get some photos done of the limousine so that everyone can experience the visual elegance of this classy vehicle.

As an organisation, we are very excited to begin this new venture and we aim to stick to our mission in providing you with excellent service and comfort for your event. So don’t hesitate, and book now with NB Limousines, so that you too can experience the class and prestige of being driven around in a BRAND NEW Chrysler 300C stretch limousine. Take care!”

Here are some photos before the Limo arrived in Perth.

Chrysler 300c strerch limo, perth

Side door for easy access into the limo

Chrysler 300c strerch limo, perth

Lights on inside the 300C Limo

Chrysler 300c strerch limo, perth

The Limo bar with lights on

Chrysler 300c strerch limo, perth

The 300c Dash with TV etc

Some new professional pictures coming soon of our new 300c Stretch Limo

Chrysler 300c Limo
300c Stretch Limousine